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Tauji Aur Atkan jhatkan


Buy Tauji aur Atkan Jhatkan Comics online. Tauji is a magician who has a Magical Wand. He is always on his toes to take on any evil which might hurt mankind.

Diamond Comics had Tauji as a character which was a largely popular in people loving magical Stories.

Tauji has a assistant Rumjhum who helps him from time to time..

Author: Mr. Gulshan Rai
Condition: Used Average-Cover Page is Torn

Sold out!

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Tauji, a man with a charm wand, helped by his undersized friend, Rumjhum, will take you to the universe of charm and experience.

He, an old person, who is a brave and keen man, reliably fights against contemptible powers and creates effective.

Weighty knaves, insidious forces, savage plotters and their fight with Tauji, spines such blood-chilling stories which will catch you for a significant long an ideal opportunity to come.

In his encounters, two sidekicks – his charm wand and Rumjhum, help him.

You will be sent in a vast expanse of charm and malignance.

From the publishers of Diamond Comics here comes Tauji..

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