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The Phantom #1 Shakti Comics – English


Phantom the ghost who walks is the hero from the jungles of Bangalla and was first created by the legendary author Lee Falk in 1973. The stories are the same as the old Phantom comics but the cover is redrawn by Anupam Sinha ji the famous artist from Raj comics and the artist behind Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruv. Shakti Comics recently gained the license for Phantom, Mandrake, and Flash Gordon. The first story of this trade paperback issue is the curse of old man Mozz.

Condition: New/Unused
Written: Tony Paul
Illustrator: Mike Manley
Graphic design: Vipin Singh
Paper: Glossy, 64

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Phantom the Ghost who walks the jungles of Bangla was the character created by Lee Falk. The purple superhero fights the poachers and smugglers who enter the jungle. He is a well-educated man and has been carrying out the tasks of Phantom for several centuries. The masked hero passes on from generation to the other and so the Phantom never dies. There are no superpowers that Phantom has he uses his intellect and pure strength to fight the criminals. Buy this rare first issue from Shakti comics today. The first issue has 64 pages of story and in excellent paper quality.


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