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Thrill Horror Suspense Barah Ghante Buy Online


‘Barah Ghante’ is a horror thrilling comic introduced by Raj Comics. Raj Comics is a proud Indian Comic making entity who produces innumerable interesting Hindi comics. The story is basically about Lal Krishna and his way of stealing the belongings of the dead corpse buried in the ground.

Lal Krishna is a mad beggar. He used to collect the precious things of the dead bodies buried in the ground. For that, he trained some rats to go and dig out the precious things.

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With time, Lal Krishna has got a huge collection of these materials and it is likely to be a treasure now. Peter, Victor, Briganza, and Jeevan wanted to steal Lal Krishna’s treasure. 

However, after failing in their attempts to steal the treasure, they triggered Sandhya, the daughter of Lal Krishna. They caught, teased, killed and buried Sandhya. On the other hand, the rats bring Sandhya’s locket from her dead body and hand it over to Lal Krishna. Seeing the locket, Lal Krishna became mad with anger. And then………..?

Are you curious to know about what happened next? What will Lal Krishna do? Will he take revenge for his daughter’s death? If, yes, then how? Will he be able to punish his daughter’s killers, or he will lose his senses and become mad?

Stay updated with Raj Comics to know.

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