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‘Daayan’ is undoubtedly a beautiful story showcased by Raj Comics. The story is marvelous and an excellent cup of tea for the readers who have a craze for the stories of the horror genre. The story is filled with different flavors like revenge, horror, magic (tilism), wrong use of power and money and so on. 

Seth Girdhari Lal is a selfish, brutal and arrogant person. He used his money powers and transplanted Brijesh’s kidney to his son Baadal.

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Sold out!

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Obviously, it was done in a deceitful manner. Brijesh was being treated in the hospital. However, Brijesh died because of losing his kidney. After that, Girdhari Lal and his son Gajraj also killed Brijesh’s brother and sister to save themselves from any sort of claims and accusations. 

Brijesh’s elder brother Devraj was a magician (Tantrik). When he knew about all these situations, he was furious and determined to take revenge. Now, he is employing different magical spells, enchanting and methods to harass Girdhari Lal and his entire family. And he was successful in doing so.

To save himself and his family from these extraordinary, but negative phenomena, Girdhari Lal took the help of a witch (Daayan) who knows how to destroy pret badha. However, Devraj controlled this Daayan and is now obeying Devraj’s commands.

Now, the Daayan is playing death games with the people of the village. And then……?


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