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Thrill Horror Suspense Dahshat Buy Online

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‘Dahshat’ is another awesome piece of thrill horror series published under Raj Comics. The story is worth reading and outstanding. It presents the story of Jack and Timmy, and Green Tiger and the horrible situations created by this species. It had a perfect essence of suspense and supernatural powers. 

Jack and Timmy are at the Nilgiri Sanctuary.The Sanctuary has a board which shows a reward of 50,000 for killing the Green Tiger.Jack killed the tiger and what happens next is further in story.

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Jack and Timmy are at the Nilgiri Sanctuary. It has been clearly mentioned in the board outside the Sanctuary that whoever will click a pic of Green Tiger, will be awarded with 50,000 bucks. Jack and Timmy wanted to do this adventurous feat, so they proceeded into the depths of the Nilgiri Sanctuary. Fortunately, they saw the green Tiger too. Timmy carried a gun hidden inside a book for their safety. Jack accidentally shot the Green Tiger and at the same time, Timmy proceeded to take a picture of the tiger. The Green Tiger was angry and he jumped onto Timmy and killed her. Seeing this, Jack shot all the bullets on the Green Tiger one-by-one and then proceeded to the nearby villages where there were attacks of cheetahs and the Green Tiger. There was ‘Dahshat’ all around. 

There are some weird questions that jumps into the mind like—

Where has Jack gone? Is he possessed by something supernatural? If there’s no Green Tiger except in the Nilgiri Sanctuary, then who’s this Green Tiger who created a terrific atmosphere around the nearby places. A lot more mysteries to unlock as we proceed forward the story.

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