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Thrill Horror Suspense Huhuhu-1 Huuu Series


Huhuhu is an interesting story with a deep message. If authenticity has a face, then the comics under Raj Comics got them all and that too in a pretty manner.

And the most appealing factor of Raj Comics is that it presents all the supernatural elements in quite a natural way.

हूऊऊ कॉमिक्स ऑनलाइन ख़रीदे ।

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Huhuhu tells about changing the human nature and how its own negative and evil behavior plays a great role for its own distortions. In the story, there is the Master of Evil whose name is “Huhuhu”. The story focuses on today’s human and it’s selfish attitude. The story starts with a meaningful speech given by Huhuhu.

Huhuhu is saying that the Universe is highly mysterious and the earth. Humans are created with the purpose of evolution and a better lifestyle. However, with passing time and advanced of humans have become practical and more eccentric towards themselves.

Huhuhu further added that their greed, jealousy, anger, and evil nature will support them to spread hatred, and terror as well as to overcome.The Earth. That’s he sent his few disciples on the Earth. And then….

Will Huhuhu be able to conquer the Earth and spread negativity all around? Or, there will come incarnation to end Huhuhu’s game. Let’s see what happens next.

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