Yoga aur Rakh ka Bhoot
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Yoga aur Rakh ka Bhoot


Buy Yoga aur Rakh ka Bhoot, Yoga comics online. Yoga is after the secret of Blue umbrella which was something owned by his father was a scientist. He had developed something called Neeli Chatri and his secret got him killed now after mastering the skills of Yoga our super hero has come back to his old house to find the secret. What happens next find out in this comics

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When Yoga the hero of Tulsi comics reaches his ancestral home he finds that it has been occupied by someone else and has been converted into a hotel. He then goes inside the hotel and eats lots of food until everything is eaten. He then starts eating plates, tables and chairs. Looking at the chaos the workers call the owner who tells him that he had found a blue diary in the location where the hotel has been built and thinks Yoga will help him find the treasure behind the diary. Then all of a sudden Rakh ka bhoot or a devil raised from ashes shows up and challenges Yoga for the diary. They both have a tough fight what happens next find out in this Tulsi comic book.


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