Azadi ki Jung Angara Comics India Tulsi Comics
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Azadi ki Jung Angara Comics India Tulsi Comics

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Buy Online Azadi ki Jung Angara Comics by Comics India published by Tulsi Comics. After liberating the Angara island from American soldiers Angara goes on a mission. He asks Jatayu the huge sized eagle to find a place where there are several animals of different types so he can bring them here to live freely on Angara island. Jatayu goes on a search where he is trapped by some of the poachers who put him in jail. He is beaten up with lashes. He some how manages to escape with the help of a monkey whom he promises to make the minister at the Angara island. How does Angara come back and take his revenge from the Zoo keepers find out in the action packed comics.

Story: Parshuram Sharma
Editor: Pramila Jain
Artist: Pradeep Sadhey
Paper: Glossy

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The chimpanzee which freed Jatayu from the poachers is brought to Angara island where he is made the Minister and named as Angad. Angad then takes Angara to the New Jersey Zoo which is said to be the biggest zoo in the world and has several animals. Jatayu was also held in this zoo. Angara talks to the animals in the zoo and gives him the message that Angad will be soon delivering them his message and they all will be freed. While Angara was talking to the lion zoo owner was impressed and makes him the ring master. The old ring master becomes furious and comes to fight Angara. Angara beats the ring master without breaking a sweat, the ring master then brings his friend Suzuki to fight for him. What happens next can be found in the comics. Buy Azadi ki Jung Angara comics to know more.


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