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10 Classic Story Books for Kids


Buy 10 Classic storybooks for Kids with amazing illustrations. Big-size story books with stories like Peter Pan, Thumbelina, Beauty and the beast and more. You will  get 10 story books which include 1. Little Tom Thumb 2. Goldilocks and three bears 3. The Ugly Duckling 4. Little Red Riding Hood 5. Beauty and the beast 6. Three Little pigs 7. Sleeping Beauty 8. Four Musicians of Bremen 9. Thumbelina 10. Peter Pan. The books are in big size.

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Pages: 16 pages each big size with pictures

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Encouraging kids to read is very important as it helps to develop their imagination, creativity, language, and cognitive skills. Here are a few tips to encourage kids to read:

  1. Start reading to them at a young age: Even when they are infants, you can read simple board books to them. This helps them develop an interest in reading from a young age.
  2. Make reading fun: Reading doesn’t have to be boring. You can make it fun by using different voices for characters, acting out scenes, or letting them choose the book they want to read.
  3. Set aside reading time: Set aside a specific time each day for reading, whether it’s before bedtime or after school. This helps to establish a routine and makes reading a habit.
  4. Provide a variety of reading materials: Give them access to different types of reading materials, such as picture books, graphic novels, chapter books, and non-fiction books, so they can find what they enjoy.
  5. Be a reading role model: Children learn by example, so make sure they see you reading and enjoying books too. It will help them understand that reading is a fun and enjoyable activity.
  6. Celebrate reading achievements: Celebrate their reading achievements, such as finishing a book or reaching a reading milestone. This helps to build their confidence and motivation to continue reading.


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