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Operation Angara


Operation Angara is another action packed story of Angara from Tulsi comics where we find that American secret agency have sent a man named Sir John he has a mechanical suit which is electrified and kills anyone who touches it. The suit is also bullet proof. How will Angara fight agains this man and foil the operation Angara find in this comics.

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Pages: 32

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Read this republished Tulsi comics from Comics India to find out how Angara will fight the master mind from CIA who is Sir John hired to kill the India’s favourite super hero Angara. He has a super powered costume with which he can fly.

Story: Parshuram Sharma
Art: Pradeep Saathe
Editing: Pramila Jain
Recolor: Rudraksh
Pages: 32 Pages
Language: Hindi
Edition: Paperback


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