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Aadi Parv Nagraj Nag Granth 1


Buy Aadi Parv Nagraj comics online. The story of this comics reflects Narak Nashak Nagraj’s early days. The story of Nagraj’s origin and the betrayal of Nagmani as his father. The story starts with Nagdant fighting Nagraj and his snakes unable to decide who is the real Nagraj.

Condition: Used/Good (One sticker and one card is included)
Paperback:96 pages (this is not a collector edition)
ISBN: 9354681840

Sold out!

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This comics tells the origin story of Nagraj and how he fights his evil creator Nagmani’s new creation named as Nagdant. Nagdant has similar powers to that of Nagraj but he has been using children for begging and wrong activities. Find out how our hero will stop this evil from happening in this comics with the help of Nagina and others. Meanwhile the villains from around the world including Thodanga, Miss killer and others are watching his fight and waiting for the end of Nagraj. This is Nag granth shrinkhala Aadi Parv khand 1 from the yugarambh varsha starring the Narak Nashak Nagraj.


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