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Akhiri Rakshak


Buy Akhiri Rakshak comics online. The Akhiri Rakshak series of Raj comics is a collection of Hindi comics starring several Raj comics heroes. This multistarer comics shows all big heroes. From Nagraj to Dhruv, Parmanu and Doga. The life on planet earth has ceised to exist and only Dhruv and Parmanu are left on earth. But they have lost their memory. What has happened on earth. Has there been attack of the aliens. Parmanu feels a great magnetic field and is taken to the country of Mexico on the ancient site where the Mayas and Incas lived thousands of years ago. He transmitted from Amazon the city of Mexico in seconds and this Parmanu believes is due to the latest clash of events on earth.
How did Parmanu get these new powers what has happened on the planet earth and who is to be blamed find out in this action packed comics series called Aakhiri Rakshak. आखिरी रक्षक-#2590

Condition: Good
Code: SPCL-2590-H
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9789332424180
Language: Hindi
Author: Nitin Mishra
Penciler: Dheeraj Verma
Colorist: Bhakt Ranjan
Paper: Glossy

Sold out!

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How will the saviours of Delhi and Rajnagar fight this threat. Buy this comics to find out more. Akhiri The last Survivor series.

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