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Amoeba Horror Comics


Buy Amoeba horror Raj comics online. Amoeba is a horror comics from Raj comics series of Thrill Horror Suspence. It tells the story of scientist who mistakenly creates a monster which starts killing everyone around him. One day while experimenting a scientist puts a blood drop on Amoeba which then grows huge in size and starts eating everyone. How is it stopped and what evil powers are behind this find out

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This is a rare comic to find Amoeba. One day a man was performing a tribal dance on the road when a boy comes and steals his money and blood which was shed during his act. He takes it to the hospital to save his dying father but it was too late. The doctor then uses the blood to do an experiment on an amoeba that he had kept in his lab. This Amoeba when drinks the blood of the tribal man becomes huge in size and starts a killing spree. How is he stopped and what evil powers does the amoeba have to find out in this rare comics from Raj comics in Hindi.


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