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Angara aur kala danav glossy paper


Buy Angara aur Kala Danav Tulsi Comics online. A demon from a different planet who looks like a lion has landed on earth in this Angara comic. A flying saucer which looks like a ball has been found by two boys who later find that a demon which is small in size lives inside it. They sell it to the circus owner who thinks it will fetch him money but he does not know that this demon will later control animals and attack humans. How will Angara fight him find out in this action packed Angara comics republished by Comics India.

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Angara comics Kala danav or black demon features a strange and powerful villain. Kaala Danav looks like a lion but has wings and is black in colour he is actually an alien who has arrived on the planet earth inside a black coloured ball. Some kids find this ball and bring it home but their parents scold them and tell the kids to through it away. Upon inspection kids find a strange small little black coloured flying lion coming out of it. Thinking it to be something magical the kids sell Kaala danav to a circus man who wants to put him on display. But the size of Kaala Danav grows exponentially overnight and he starts killing everyone. He then talks to a caged lion and then mocks him on being weak king of the jungle. Kaala Danav talks to animals in the zoo and then tells them to attack humans. They are then killed in the act but Kaala Danav is bullet proof and nothing happens to him. Angara gets to know about all this and comes to fight Kaala Danav but he is easily over powered even the whale Rani is no match for Kaala Danav’s power. So, how does Angara stop this demon? Find out in this exciting Tulsi comic published by Comic India starring Angara. Get this rare Angara comic today.


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