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Jambu Gaya Haar Tulsi Comics India


Buy online Jambu Gaya Haar Tulsi Comics by Comics India. See what happens when Jambu has to fight Mahakaal who has gained power from a scientist teacher. The teacher of Mahakaal has created a belt with which half of the enemy’s power is captured by the person who wears the belt. Mahakaal takes the belt and starts using it against Indian soldiers what happens next find out in this comics.

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Mahakaal who is the enemy mankind has been given a powerful belt by his teacher who had developed it for the betterment of his country but instead Mahakaal leaves his teacher to die in an active volcano and uses his power to fight against India. He is met with Indian soldiers and then by Jambu will Jambu and Bunty be able to save the innocents lives. Find out in this action packed comics, this is an retro comics from the 80s from Tulsi comics which has been republished by Comic India.


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