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Dahakta Shahar is a unique comic of Anthony series in which Anthony fights with the enemy who is trying to take some type of revenge by burning the city. In this comic it has been shown that how far one can go for taking revenge. Koyla is can go beyond all boundaries to take revenge.

This revenge is for his mother, who died because of this city, to know the reason of death of his mother, you will have to read the comic. To know whether Anthony will succeed to stop this enemy from burning the city, buy this interesting comic from the website.

Book Cover Page is intact.

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Comics is readable and collectable.



Sold out!

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Anthony Dahakta Shahar is the story of Koyala who was born Black.His name was Ravi Kumar alias BB (Black Boy).

Koyala does this to avenge death of his mother. Koyala hold people of the city responsible for the death of her mother.

But,when Koyala is out for avenging her mother.He comes across Anthony. Koyala has powers to turn anything to ashes.

While the two are fighting Anthony throws water on Koyala and he runs from the spot.

When Anthony is about to beat Koyala the spirit of her dead mother comes to his rescue.

She takes Koyala with her.

And,promises that Koyala will not return to the city.


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