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Ashwaraj aur Ashwavat

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Ashwaraj aur Ashwavat is a rare comics from Raj comics published in Hindi. Ashwaraj has somehow come to Kalyug in the modern age and lost his 5 horses. In the search of his white horse named Ashwavat he finds out that it has been captured by someone named Vicky. How will ASshwaraj get back his favourite 5 horses find out in this action packed comics?

Condition: Used/Average
Writer: Tarun Kumar Wahi
Editor: Manish Gupta Art
Direction: Pratap Mulik
Artwork: Milind Kamble

Sold out!

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Ashwaraj has lost his favourite white horse named Ashwavat in the modern age and is facing a lot of troubles. But thankfully he is met by a young boy who helps him in finding the horse as well as gives him tips on how to survive the modern age. His white horse is captured by a person named Vicky who is in love with white coloured things. But Ashwavat is still in the hypnotism trap of Ashwabaaz. How will our hero Ashwaraj get back his horses and fight the modern age villains and bad guys find out in this rare action-packed raj comics. Buy rare rajcomics of Ashwaraj before the stock runs out.


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