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Later in the story an Ashvamedh Yagya was performed by Ashwaraj,with help of Ashwa Kalpataru.Kalptaru did the revolution of whole Earth to make Ashwaraj Chakravati.

Meanwhile between the time lapse, there immersed numerous enemies of humanity and Ashwaraj slaughtered all these.

This comic from Ashwaraj is one of the very primary comic of Ashwaraj series.

It’s one of the collectible which should be part of any Ashwaraj Comic lover.

Comics cover is not available and is not in good condition.

Comics is in readable condition. 

Condition: Used / Coverless

Sold out!

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अश्वराज का मुकाबल हुआ इस बार खूनबूंद से । जिसमे है खून जिससे बन सकते है उस जैसे कई और दानव ।

महाबली अश्वराज से हुए मुकाबले में खूनबूंद ने दी उसे बड़ी टक्कर ।

अश्वराज ने बना दिया उसके खून को पानी ।

कैसे मारा गया खूनबूंद जानने के लिए पढ़े ।

अश्वराज और खूनबूंद।

Ashwaraj in Ashwalok,he was the singular Ashvamaanav who was  ichchhadahri AshwaRaj .

After being a winner of a spectacular marathon he was married to to daughter of Raja Chintitsingh Rajkumari Kudumchhumbi.

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