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Bankelal Akkad Bakkad

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“Akkad Bakkad” is an amazing story presented by Raj Comics and is named after the twin demon brothers. Thrill stories can’t be as cheerful as this story is.

Bankelal has been blessed by Lord Shiva that if he will attempt to do something negative to anyone, there will be an opposite result and Bankelal will not get the expected results.

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The story starts with the arrival of Bankelal into the King’s palace. King has called Bankelal on an urgent basis. After his arrival, the king told Bankelal that the queen is suffering from cataract. She can’t see anything clearly. And Rajvaid has prescribed that if the water of Chashmeshahi will be sprinkled on the Queen’s eye, then her cataract will get healed. Thus, Bankelal marched to Chashmeshahi.

On the other hand, the demon Akkad is near his teacher Punna who is about to die. Akkad also can’t see properly as he is also suffering from cataract. During his last breath, his teacher revealed a truth in front of Akkad that during their birth time due to the presence of Sthanantaran Yog Akkad’s age was transferred to Bakkad. Guru Punna also suggested Akkad to go to Chashmeshahi and sprinkle the water on his eyes to get healed. And then…….

Hmm! Sounds interesting!! Let’s see what happens next.

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