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Bankelal Daridra


“Daridra” is actually the name of the deity who spreads poverty. This story was named Daridra because of her presence. Bankelal always applies some baseless tactics to defame and dethrone King Vikram Singh.

However, his tactics give positive results to the King. If creativity is expressed in words and artworks, Raj Comics always do justice in this context.

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Sold out!

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The story begins with some holy words delivered by the sage Pravanacharya regarding the importance of donation. As the King Vikram Singh and Bankelal left the arena where Pravanacharya was preaching these holy morals, they saw a peasant who was crying drastically because his bull died. Thus, the King gave him an Ashharfi to buy a new bull.

After a while, the same peasant came to the King’s palace and surrendered ten lakhs ashharfis to him saying that he got these ashharfis from his land while ploughing. This ploughing was done by the same bull which he bought from the ashharfi given by the King. Thus, those ashharfis belong to the King and the Kingdom. Seeing this, Bankelal also gave an ashharfi to a person to buy a pair of shoes who was crying on the road as a piece of glass got stuck in his feet. To an astonishment, there occurred a heavy rainfall of torn footwear. Annoyed by this, Bankelal proceeded forward and stopped by a voice.

Omg!! What the hell was that?

Why did Bankelal receive a tremendous shower of damaged footwear?

And who called Bankelal from behind as he approached forward?

Let’s see in the comic.

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