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Bankelal-Shaitaan Khopdi|Collectible Hindi Comics|Raj Comics

‘Shaitani Khopdi’ is literally an interesting piece of work presented by Raj Comics. The most significant thing that attracts towards Raj Comics is the presence of ghosts, devils, saints, politics, gods, and various other effective, horror, fantasy and supernatural elements as well. And the best part is that all these elements are blended and presented in a perfectly balanced manner.

And that’s literally wow!

Book is without front cover but is readable and collectable.

Pages: 64

Condition: Used / Coverless

Sold out!

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Bankelal itself is an excellent character. He is satirical as well as intelligent. Though he represents an ordinary person, his fears are something extraordinary. Like, the way he used to deal with the natural as well as supernatural things puts us into a kind of nostalgia for sometime. And his feats prove that the mind power and will power are the bigger factors to deal with the circumstances, unless you spend them in the right way. 

Okay! Now, the story starts with a simple  situation. Bankelal is in a hurry to go somewhere and he took ‘Kaliya’, the horse and didn’t even pay attention to his own horse who was converted to a donkey due to a curse given by Ichchhamani. Let’s see what’s the next 

To know the whole story, you should certainly buy this lovely comic and spend your quality time in a worthy manner. Believe me! You will never regret this decision of yours