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Bechara Bankelal


Bechara Bankelal is a late 2000 comics by Bedi ji. Bankelal is a comic character from Raj Comics published in Hindi. In this comics our poor hero Bankelal who is the minister of Vishalgarh once again plots to gain the throne but this time he has the power of a magical mask to help him. How will he get to fulfill his dreams find out in this funny comics.

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The story Bechara Bankelal starts with a demon praying to lord Shiva for a boon. He is disguised as a sage and is standing in the middle of a flowing river on one foot. Lord Shiva feels compassion for the sage who has been praying to him for long and comes to ask his wish. The demon says that he wants to be a powerful being who is able to defeat anyone. Lord Shiva is aware of his plans so grants him the wish by giving him a mask which will make him powerful. Although the next moment Yamraj or the lord of death comes to take away his soul and he is unable to use the mask. This is again found by Bankelal and what happens next can be read in the amazingly hilarious Bankelal comics.


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