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Bhanumati Ka Pitara Nagraj Comics


Bhanumati ka pitara is a popular Nagraj comics. Buy Bhanumati ka pitara Nagraj comics online. Published by Raj comics in Hindi. This is another amazing story from Anupam Sinha. The story showcases a man named Markara who is searching for a treasure in the deserts. But after failing several times he moves to a city where Chotta Nagraj is attending his classes when someone leaves a bag with bones in it. Students start to faint and it is later found that this bag belongs to an archeologist who is searching for Bhanumati ka Pitara. Chotta Nagraj and his friends are ready to help this person find the treasure. What troubles will follow this treasure hunt and how will Nagraj come into play. Find out in this action packed comics called Bhanumati ka Pitara.

Pages: 75
Condition: Average (Damaged)

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Bhanumati ka pitara is one of the most mystical comics from Nagraj series. Drawn by artist Anupam Sinha ji. For the first time we find that Nagraj has been trapped in a magical drape by a man and he is unable to escape from it. Now it is upto Chotta Nagraj and his friends to save the world from the dark magic. Who is this mystical man and what does he want. Find out in this sizzling comics.


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