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Bheel Bheriya Kobi Comics


Bheel Bheriya Kobi comics buy online in Hindi. Bheel is a dangerous tribe living in the jungles. They can control big animals like Rhinos with their magic powders and are not even scared of snakes. One day while on hunt they have a fight with Kobi and they snatch his magical necklace and belt. How will bheriya help kobi and what happens when his neck is cut off. Kobi and Bheriya were separated and the human and animal parts became two.

Condition: Average (Front Cover torn, Back cover missing)

Story: Tarun Kumar Wahi
Assistance: Vivek Mohan
Penciling: Dheeraj Verma
Inking: Rajendra Thoni
Calligraphy: TR Azad
Color: Sunil Pandey
Editor: Manish Gupta
Pages: 60

Sold out!

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Bheel is a tribe living in the jungles along side Bheriya and Kobi. They are closely related to animals and use black magic to control these animals. One day the Bheel tribe were hunting a wild boar when they encountered Kobi who claimed the prize to be his. The Bheel leader called Kubaku tries to do black magic on Kobi but fails. The Bheel leader then takes away his belt and necklace which is the source of Kobi’s power. Kobi then calls for his wolves force or the bheriya army which is noticed by Bheriya.


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