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Bheriya First Comics

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Raj Comics is an Indian comics publisher who always comes with adventurous fiction stories of superheroes since 1984. Some of its major well-known characters are Nagraj, Doga, Super Commando Dhruva, Inspector steel, Shakti, Parmanu etc.

Raj comics presented BHERIYA the first comic of its series long back. This is the story of the God of the jungle who, born as a crossbreed of human and wolf around 50,000 years ago.

Comic book is Old readable and collectable but has no cover page.It’s a much have for every collector.

Pages: 64

Condition: Used Coverless comics Page 1 and 2  missing

Sold out!

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So let’s read and to find out this interesting story of Wolfa who lived in the kingdom of Wolfano and was the king of the region. The Wolfa falls in love with a human princess named Rajkumar Survaiya from another kingdom of Konkani.

Wolfa by tricked married her and they also had a son named Kobi. Later when the princess came to know that she was married by some trick she left Kobi and Wolfa both.

The story then takes an interesting turn, as Kobi becomes a Bheriya, let’s read this full story to know what superpowers Kobi has and whether Survaiya forgives Wolfa and returns back.

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