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Bhokal and Anthony are caught together between the time. One from past and one from present,the two superheros of Raj Comics are in Kaal Olampaak. Bhokal sees a villain from past Fuchang who has some more evil plans this time. Both,Anthony and Bhokal fight for getting out from Kaal Olampaak place from where no one returns alive.

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Pages: 64

Sold out!

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Comics starts with a mysterious and thrilling plot.

And,then we see the come back of Fuchang one of the old villans of Mahabali Bhokal Series Comics.

He is not alone.With,him we see Durgama in the comics.

Fuchang with Durgama mix past and present time and spread devastation across the earth.

Constrained by the plans of Fuchang,Bhokal is sent to Kaal Olampaak once again.Kaal Olampaak from where no one returns alive.

But,this time he is not alone here.

Anthony from the present who is a dead man super hero and Bhokal goes to the past to help him in the Kaal Olampaak , with the help of which Bhokal comes out of this conspiracy.