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Bhokal Jigar Ka Tukda


This comics is based on the children of Mahabali Bhokal. How Bhokal is unable to stop the mysterious death of his children. And, he goes ahead to break another Tilisim is the story.

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Writer: Sanjay Gupta
Editor: Manish Gupta
Penciling: Dilip Kadam
Pages: 64


Sold out!

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In this story we find that various children of Bhokal are mysteriously dying and our super hero Bhokal is unable to stop them. In the start of the comics Lakshya the child of Saloni and Bhokal is carried to the river after her death. But all of a sudden she comes to life and grabs the neck of another child of Bhokal who is named Shikhar. The soldiers think that the girl is possesed and they wish to attack her, before they are stopped on the orders of Bhokal. Bhokal is stoned by the attack meanwhile every second is precious for his son, Shikhar. Meanwhile Saloni comes to the rescue and shoots the arrows cutting the hands of the possesed child Lakshya. After seeing this the father of Roopsi Kubda Shaitan or Raja Vivek Mohan comes and tells every one that they should give the child to him so he can save his life because Bhokal seems incapable of protecting his child. While his daughter refuses to do so and he has to leave empty handed the things have not come to an end. In the fort of Vikas Nagar a new problem has arrived a demon bull enters the city and starts a killing spree. While Bhokal manages to bring down the bull with his sword, Saloni faces a flying bird he was about to attack the child when Kubda Shaitan enters the palace and saves the child. He convinces everyone that the child should be handed over to him so he can protect it from harm.
He takes away the child. Meanwhile Kaljantri who seems to be behind all these attacks is plotting another evil deed. How will Bhokal overcome all these problems and save his children. Buy this action packed Bhokal comics from publishers Raj comics to find out more.



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