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Bik Gya Doga

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Buy Bik Gaya Doga Raj comics online. Has Mumbai’s savior Doga sold his soul to bad guys and is helping them now find out in this comics. Another amazing story by Tarun Kumar Wahi and Vivek Mohan and Manu ji. The story of Bik Gaya Doga is very complex and entertaining why has Doga accepted money from a bad guy and beaten up an innocent reporter find out in this action packed comics.

Author: Tarun Kumar Wahi
Editor: Manish Gupta
Illustrator: Vivek Mohan
Illustrator: Mannu
Illustrator: Sunil Pandey

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The story of Bik Gyaa Doga starts with an old man stealing money for his daughter’s wedding but is caught by Doga on the streets and handed over to the police. Despite he pleading for mercy. Doga then meets a reporter who was being blackmailed by the gangsters to give over the photos and evidences which he has collected against their boss. Just when the gang members are about to blow him up with a bomb Doga comes to the rescue and saves his life. Doga gets to know the entire story and then thinks of helping the reporter. But when he confronts the boss of the mob gang he is lost when he is offered money. Doga thinks that this money can help the old man and accepts the money what happens next find out in this amazing Doga comics, Bik Gaya Doga.


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