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Buy Online Billoo-3. Billoo 3 is a digest comics from Diamond comics. Much like other Diamond comics published by them in Hindi. This also contains a collection of short stories of Billoo. Billoo is a fun loving kid from the neighbourhood. He was created by cartoonist Pran Sharma ji. The first story in the old comics is Daant ka dard where Billoo visits a dentist for his dental checkup. Check out what happens next in this funny comics.

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Billoo is out to get his teeth removed from the dentist after it is infected. But it is later found that the dentist removed the wrong teeth what happens next check out in this hilarious diamond comics starring our favorite childhood hero Billoo. The comics will surely make you laugh and give pain in your stomach. The best part about diamond comics is that it is suitable for people of all ages. Characters like Billu, Pinki and Chacha Chaudhary are hence the favourite of every generation.

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