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Black Fort Anthony Comics


Black Fort is a comics starring the Raj Comics Super hero Anthony. Anthony was dead but was brought back to life and gained special mysterious powers with which he is able to fight crime and bad guys in his city. In this comics black fort we find that a couple is mysteriously murdered by the man’s brother for some mystical ritual. The mad man who seems to have some magical powers comes to kill the little girl who is the daughter of the couple and his niece. The girl is inside the car but he pushes the car around and throws the girl our making her run for her life. He then fires 3 shots at the girl who is magically saved by our super hero Anthony. Anthony asks his pet crow prince to look after the little girl while he will deal with this criminal. What happens next find out in this action packed comics called Black Fort.

Condition: Good / Used
Serial: SPCL-0364
Year of publication: 2003
Pages: 64
Story: Tarun Kumar Vahi
Planning by: Vivek Mohan
Editor: Manish Gupta
Penciling: Taufiq Inking: Naresh Kumar, Rajendra Thauni, Bhopendra Singh Walia, Azhar
Calligraphy: T R Azad
Colouring: Suneel Pandey

Sold out!

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Next in the story of Black Fort comics, this mystical man then beheads our super hero Anthony. But he is in for a surprise as he does not know that Anthony cannot be killed. His head is then put back by the crows and Anthony comes back to life and defeats the bad guy saving this girl. What happens next will surprise you. Buy Black Fort Anthony comics to find out about this horror story today.


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