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Chacha Bhatija Aur Jadugar Dakala

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Buy Online Chacha Bhatija Aur Jadugar Dakala comics. Chacha and Bhatija are once again in action fighting the evil magician named Dakala. A ship named Iron fort which is one of the biggest in the world and has been created by America vanishes from the seas and along with it have vanished the crew members and the passengers. Chacha Bhatija also end up in an unknown island on Africa what is this all about find out in this mysterious comics. Chacha Bhatija aur Jadugar Dakala.

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Chacha and Bhatija end up in an house in Africa, under the possession of a magician who has taken over their magic lamp. After the ship’s disappearance, the magician somehow helped them to get out of the captivity and brought them in his hut. He wanted to know the secret of their magic lamp and had hence kept them alive. How will the two Chacha Bhatija save the people who have vanished along with the crew and fight the Jadugar Dakala find out in this rare Diamond comics.

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