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Chor Sipahi Doga Comics


Chor Sipahi Doga comics buy online. In this comics we find that Doga has lost all his weapons fighting to bad guys and is now in search for more powerful weapons which are in the possession of bicchoo gang. On the other hand inspector Cheeta who is an honest police officer does not like the ways in which Doga fights crime. He thinks that law should not be taken in hand. He is after Doga and wants to put him behind bars. How will he fight the six T gang and get in the possession of the weapons he badly needs to fight the bad guys. Buy this action packed comics of Doga in which he and inspector cheeta play the role of Chor Sipahi.
This comics also features the famous scene where Doga fights a crane which is trying to crush him.

Condition: Used (Original copy, pages have aged)
Written: Sanjay Gupra
Artist: Vinod Kumar
Editor: Manish Gupta
Colouring: Sunil Pandey

Sold out!

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Doga is an action hero from Raj comics published in Hindi. He fights crime with strength and weapons that he possesses he shows no mercy to the bad guys and lives in the city of Mumbai as a common boy named Suraj. Doga hides his true identity behind the mask of a dog whom he loves. He thinks that the dogs are more faithful and much better than men. He can also talk to dogs and call them with his whistle.


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