DC Comics Plastic Man #3
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DC Comics Plastic Man #3


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Eel was in search of a kid, but he met a Man-Bat instead.

The Man-bat not only found the lost kid but also the den of secret society.

Secret society who is in search of Plastic Man.

This secret society ask inconvinent questions.

But, why is it good to be able to look and squint in eyes.

Single issue.

Sold out!

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In his past life Plastic Man was a thief named Patrick “Eel” O’Brian.

He was an orphan and thus, forced to live on streets.

And, from there he fell into a life of crime.

As he grew up he joined a burglary gang which specialized in Safecraking.

When he was at Crawford Chemical Works for burglary, he was shot and fell into a large drum of unidentified liquid.

Eel somehow escaped the factory only to wake to find himself in a mountain retreat.

A monk attended to his wounds and enlighten the light of good in Eel.

What powers did Eel gain at factory.

How will he handle those powers.

Buy and Read Comics to know further..

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