DC Comics Rebirth Cyborg 16
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DC Comics Rebirth Cyborg 16


Buy Online DC Rebirth CYBORG issue number 16

This is rough. Cyborg has to team up with his evil, alternate-reality twin! At least alternate Gar is around.

This is a Single issue.

Sold out!

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Victor Stone is the son of Silas Stone and Elinore Stone, scientists who use him as a check difficulty for numerous intelligence enhancement projects. While those remedies are in the end a hit and Victor’s IQ ultimately grows to genius levels, he grows to resent his treatment.

Victor moves up a friendship with Ron Evers, a younger miscreant who leads him into hassle with the law. This is the start of a conflict wherein Victor strives for independence, accomplishing pastimes of which his mother and father disapprove, which includes athletics and leaving behind his studies.

With his spouse useless and his son mutilated, subconscious and close to loss of life from the incident, Silas is pushed to take benefit of prototype clinical prosthetic studies he has get right of entry to to with the intention to deal with Victor. Unfortunately, Victor most effective regains recognition after the massive synthetic limbs and implants had been mounted in his frame with out his consent.

Victor turned into horrified on the discovery of the metal components.Although Cyborg’s frame turned into repaired via way of means of a group of Russian scientists after the missile crash he have been in, albeit with extra mechanical components than previously, his thoughts turned into not.

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