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Doga Main Bhi Policewala


Buy Main bhi police wala Doga comics online. Published by Raj comics Doga is a super hero with extra ordinary strength and weapons mastery he has been practicing and making his body extra strong. He can talk to dogs and eliminates crime by the roots. All his villains are mostly dead he is much like Punisher.

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The story of Doga Main bhi Policewala starts off with a cop’s mother getting a gallantry award for his bravery posthumously. Due to this the gangster’s son whose father was killed by the cop is furious and wants to avenge his father by killing the mother of the cop. But Doga and a cop comes to the rescue both of them start killing and beating the bad guys. Doga does not want a cop to beat bad guys by torchering them. So they two start fighting what will happen when the two violent law enforcers fight find out in this rare Doga comics published in Hindi. Written by Manu ji


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