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Unlike other characters of Raj Comics, DOGA the lead character of Doga series created by Tarun Kumar Wahi , Sanjay Gupta does not possess any super power. Rather, he is an expert hand-to-hand combatant, skilled marksman, Peak human strength and ability, indomitable will and genius-level intellect. RAAT KI RANI is yet another thriller and adventure comic of Doga series with blend of dare greed chase and many more.

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Raat Ki Rani Doga Comics buy online. Raat ki Rani the infamous female crook who has become a matter of despair for police. Somewhere, another mastermind thief with powerful Electro-magnetic device with him which can cripple any one in seconds, join hands to rob a courier van carrying diamonds and pearls worth Rs. One crore. Raat Ki Rakshak, Doga is in action to stop them. Will Doga with his dog’s help, be able to outdo this duo?  

Enjoy Raat ki Rani of Doga series full of action, adventure and nail biting tension.  Artist Manu’s illustrations are cherries on the cake.