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Fighter Toads Super Toads


It was the beginning of a new era of Indian superheroes when Raj comics released its first superhero comic Super Commando Dhruv created by Anupam Sinha. Later they launched a series of superheroes like Nagaraj, Doga, Parmanu, etc. One of the milestones in the Raj comics series is Super Toads. What happens when our cute Fighter Toads try to disguise themselves as super heroes find out in this funny comics. 

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Super Toads are the first series of Fighter Toads comics, which is about the origin of super Toads. While reading, it reminds us of the Hollywood movie Ninja turtle. This part of the comic informs us how the Toads become Super Toads. They want to become like their superheroes Naagraj, Super Commando Dhruv, and Doga. They want to eliminate the criminals one by one from Rajapur town. To know how these turtles become Fighter Toads you must buy this comic.

This jumbo-sized comic is full of humor and excitement. Anupam Sinha and Tarun Kumar who have done a great job. The pictures are amazing and mesmerizing. It is a must-read comic if you are a comic lover.

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