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Gamraj Munuchuwa


Gamraj is the offspring of Yamraj, the GOD of death in Hindu Mythology. He has been living on earth among common people as he has been excited and insightful and referenced his father to allow him to continue to live on earth as he expected to help the people here. His father permitted him to go anyway.

He in like manner sent Yamunda, the buffalo who was the offspring of Yamraj’s wild bull. His buffalo’s name was Mahish. Yamunda has brilliant powers of disappearing and can show up when Gamraj calls him and besides he can change into any vehicle he needs.

On Earth, Gamraj met Shankalu who has been living with his significant other Ratalu and their 12 kids who help Gamraj in dealing with people’s issues close by their own (as Yamunda is a typical ride for Shankalu’s family).

Slender approachable youth who reliably laughs his challenges away. Gamraj encounters an expertise of inviting challenges and landing himself into the soup. Shirt and jeans are his standard wear. Impossible to miss characters go facing Gamraj making redirecting comic scenes bound with strain and surges. Helping poor and down trodden is his affinity.


  • Code: SPCL-0386-H
  • Pages: 64
  • Language: Hindi
  • Condition: Used
  • Author: Tarun Kumar Wahi
  • Penciler: Prem, Rinku, Anu

Sold out!

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In this comics Gamraj faces unique villain.

A scientist who creates these creatures who rip people faces.

Gamraj is eventually successful at stopping him, but then aliens come towards the end of the story.

The aliens are the ones who had created real “Muhnochwa”.

The scientist was inspired by these real ones and he created his own.

The story is exciting and filled with comedy sequences.

How will the concept of real and fake Munuchwas end with?

The flow of the story is very nice and the reader is inpriered to read on.

If your a fan of Gamraj it’s a must read.

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