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Gojo Bijlika


Fantasy is one of the specialties of the Raj comics. The comic publishing house was established 1984. Raj Comics is famous for its various superheroes like Nagraj, Shakti, Doga they all are from the Brahmand Rakshak team. Today they publish in multiple formats like ebook, print and even motion pictures.

When Rishi-Munies were victimised by demons they performed yagya to request the Gods to send them the one who will cleanse earth from the dirt of evil.

Out of this yagya, appeared 7 mystical beings and at last, Gojo. Gojo ordered the 7 mystical beings who appeared before him to enter his body. From there, he is on journey to fight and destroy evil, and restore peace.

This comic is second comic of the Gojo Series.The comic is old has no cover page but is collectable and readable.

Condition: Used/ Coverless

Sold out!

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Bijlika is the one of the female lead characters that was published by the Raj Comics. So, this fact makes this comic a must collective among the comics lover. The book is in quite good condition, but it does not have the cover page.

The story is about a princess Bijilika who is a captive by King Shark. Bijlika has some great powers to absorb and generate electricity. Even after that why she is still captive, why she is not using her power, is there any reason behind this.

To know all this answer read the complete comic by buying it from online.


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