Hawaldar Bahadur Aur Commissioner Ka Kutta By Online In Glossy Finish
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Hawaldar Bahadur Aur Commissioner Ka Kutta


Hawaldar Bahadur Aur Commissioner Ka Kutta this Comics of Hawaldar Bahadur is filled with comedy and sense of humour.

Condition of Comics is new and the book has glossy finish and a re-print in best quality.

But did you know how Mr. Bahadur Singh Ji (this is his real name) picked his name Hawaldar Bahadur.

In the first issue when Hawaldar had single-handedly piled a band of bandits, though he himself pilled up Wanting to be because they were just Hawaldar of the name, anybody would bully them for name sake.

But in the first issue of Havildar Bahadur, when Bahadur Singh single-handedly defeated the three dacoits, he was given the title of Havaldar Bahadur by his honorable Inspector Kharag Singh. Now, brother, When luck favors even the weakest of the weakest he attains what even the strongest can’t.

Since, then Hawaldar Bahur Comics have been entertaining us with different plots

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After the publication of Manoj Comics stopped for few years since year 2000.But, it had ever lasting impact on the readers of these comics.

A well-known catchphrase used by the comic character at that time was “हवालात में सड़ा दूंगा”, yes the well know comic character of Manoj comics “Hawaldar Bhadur”.

Late Jitendra Bedi Ji was the creator of the character of Hawaldar Bahadur. The first comics of Hawaldar Bahadur were named Havaldar Bahadur and the number was MC 541 published in the category of Manoj Chitra Katha, it was liked by collectors very much and it is called MCK ( MCK).



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