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Jaljala Gold Heart Series Issue 4


Jaljala Gold Heart Series comics 4 buy online Raj Comics. In this comics Gold heart is running away from everyone to get the sone ki mashaal. The cops, the bad guys and Captain Kangora. But Gold Heart is determined to get the sone ki mashal for himself. He has now merged his body with an iron spring and become spring man. He has again killed everyone who comes in his way. Will he be able to get the sone ki mashaal this time

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Gold heart series was a limited series of around 7 comics which ended abruptly although the story was very good and so was the drawing. Buy the fourth part of the Gold heart comics series called Zalzala or Jaljala where gold heart becomes a spring man and has been trying to get the golden torch. The police have fooled him by giving him the bait of a fake golden torch. What happens next find out in this action packed comics.


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