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Kalyug Nagraj Dhruv Shakti


Buy online Kalyug Nagraj Dhruv and Shakti multistar Comics by Raj comics published in Hindi. The story of Kalyug starts with demon king Shumbhak talking to his minister and saying that Nishachar and others have failed to conquer the earth despite the Kalyug. Kalyug is when the demons are most powerful even more than the gods. He is then told by his teacher that he should capture the powers of those individuals who have the power of the gods. The name that comes in mind are Nagraj, Dhruv and Shakti. This is a full sized foldable cover comics.

Condition: Used/ Good
Story: Jolly Sinha
Art: Anupam Sinha
Inking: Vinod Kamble
Calligraphy: Suneel Pandey
Editor: Manish Gupta

Sold out!

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How will these three superheroes save themselves and the earth find out in this action packed comics. What all demons will come on earth to fight our three super heroes.


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