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Mahabali Shera – Yam ki Talwar


Buy Yam ki Talwar Mahabali Shera comics online. Published by Manoj comics buy this rare digest comics online where Shera gets a magical sword. The comics is in good condition with minor aging. Please ask for extra pictures in case you have any queries about the condition of the comics. This is a used old rare comic books so please expect minor wear and tear.

Condition: Good/Used

Sold out!

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Mahabali Shera is a hero from Manoj comics who has been living in the jungles and fighting bad guys. The story of this comic starts with 3 demons coming to the jungle and killing innocent animals when this is heard by Shera he comes to the rescue. Upon which these three demons take out magical weapons and start fighting Mahabali Shera. Although Shera uses his wit to defeat these demons their body vanishes. We are then taken to the demon master who had sent them here and he tells us that in the past Shera had a magical sword who had defeated him he has come in future to fight Shera and kill him how will future Shera find the magical Yam ki Talwar and defeat this bad guy find out in this digest comics.


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