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Manoj Chitrakatha – Crookbond Set 2


Buy the set of rare 8 comics of Crookbond published by Comics India again. Crookbond is a detective from Manoj Comic who fights crime along with his cousin named Motu. His father is a constable named Dhamaka Singh and his mother is a housewife. The initial comics showed Crookbond use his skills and wit to fight crime while in later comics he gained a super car and other inventions. This set 2 of Crookbond has the following comics.

Crookbond aur Kabristan ka bhoot
Crookbond aur Insaaf ka Danda
Crookbond Aur Kungfu Aur Master Bruce-Lee
Crookbond aur Mr Maut
Crookbond ka Inteqam
Crookbond aur Shahi Mehal ka shadyantra
Crookbond ka naya hungama
Crookbond ki Yamlok Yatra

All comics are reprints and in good condition with 32 pages each.

Sold out!

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मॉडर्न जासूस क्रूक्बान्ड के ८ नए कॉमिक्स हिंदी में अभी खरीदें मनोज चित्र कथा की पेशकश


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