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“Mara Zinda Mara” is an awesome story that contains a perfect blend of thrill and horror. It was published by Raj Comics and is literally amazing with fine artwork. Raj Comics specialized in doing justice with the characters, plot line, and the different elements in their stories.

And the same is done finely in this story too.

Comics is in good condition.

Comics cover is intact.

Comics is in readable and collectable condition. 

Pages: 64

Condition: Used

Sold out!

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Mara Jinda Mara is literally an amazing story. In the story, some robbers killed an innocent person who was returning home with medicines for his son. However, they don’t have the intention to rob the man. They killed him without any reason. And, the weird thing they did after this is that they throw some stuffs next to the dead body such as a purse, a ring, a burning cigarette, a ladies’ sandal, a torn piece of cloth, some broken bangles, a pen and a diary. These things are related to Dr. Batole’s son and his family.

This clearly indicates that the robbers want to plot against Dr. Batole and his family.

Who are these people and why did they kill that innocent person? In the beginning, we heard a small conversation where someone is saying, “He wasn’t killed at that time, but he is no more now”.

To whom is this line indicating? What was the reason behind the robbers’ plot against Dr. Batole and his family? To get the full details, grab the comics and dive into the world of creativity.

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