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Nagraj Super Commando Dhruv Hedron Buy Online


Hedron,is the last part of the Hedron Series comics in which Raj Comics Super Hero Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruv appear together.

The remains of an old city are excavated from the sea near ​​Rajnagar. Following which mysterious incidents happen in these relics which have an impact on the lives of Rajnagar and Mahanager residents.

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Nagraj and Dhruv arrive to save the Mahanagar and Rajnagar on the remnants.

The Remnants from the sea are making the city of Rajnagar and Mahanagar old and weird.

This was the story plot of the first comic from this series Avshesh.

The second comic of this series was Chunauti and the story unfolded a bit.

Hedron is the last and final part of this series and unfolds all the story and filled with action and suspense.

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