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Nagraj aur TutenTu


Buy Nagraj aur TutenTu, a master Jewel Thief who is now in Rajnagar. He dreams of collecting all the precious Gems and Jewels.

Tuten Tu has plans to add all these precious things to his Museum.

He keeps on robbing the places in Rajnagar and surrounding and escapes from the hands of Nagaraj.

Comic is in average condition and has 64 pages.

Sold out!

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Tuten Tu is on a mission to collect all the precious Gems and Stones in the World. He has already added many gems to his collection now is the chance of the Mani at The Nagmani Deweep. TutenTu, when enters Rajnagar. Nagraj tries to stop his misadventure but fails.
Tuten Tu is too clever to get in hands of Nagraj. Finally, TutenTu kidnaps Visharpi from Nagmani Island.

What will Nagraj do to save Visharpi and Rajnagar from the clever jewel thief Tuten Tu..

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