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Nagraj Digest 8

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Buy Nagraj Digest 8 online. This is a 3 in one comics with 3 stories in it. The stories are Jadugar Shakura, Taj Mahal ki Chori and Bauna Shaitan. Both Taj Mahal ki Chori and Jadugar Shakura has the magician Shakura as its main villain. He is one of the most popular villains of Nagraj comics. He is from a different planet and a wanted criminal who has come to earth to cause havock. How will Nagraj stop him find in this comics series. Buy This rare Nagraj digest comics today.

Pages: 96
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Sold out!

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Buy Nagraj digest 8 online starring one of Nagraj’s biggest Villain Jadugar Shakura, he with his magical powers has made Nagraj bow down to his knees several times. Also starring in this comics are some international super heroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman. Although in later reprints they were changed to look like someone else.


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