Icchadhari Nagraj comics buy online
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Icchadhari Nagraj comics buy online


IcchaDhari Nagraj is one of the starting comics of Nagraj when he first lands on Nagdweep and becomes the favourite of the snakes. He returns the gem stolen by the thieves to the goddess who blesses him with a garland. He then moves back to the city in his helicopter where he fights the person who is disguised as Nagraj and other shape shifting snakes.

This is a coverless Nagraj comics in used condition.


Sold out!

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This is the first time we come to know about the shape shifting powers of Nagraj. He fights other snakes who are more powerful than him and the person who is disguised as Nagraj. Buy Nagraj comics online. इच्छाधारी नागराज, राज कॉमिक्स हिंदी

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