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Paanch Hatyare Aakrosh Manoj Comics


Paanch Hatyare is an action packed comics from Manoj comics written by Tilak and drawing by Dilip Kadam from Kadam Studios. This is the same art house which has been drawing Bhokal for Raj comics. Aakhrosh like He man has a powerful sword and lives in the era of kings and queens in this comics we find that Aakhrosh has come back to the planet earth along with a child. They are they attacked by various deadly creatures. Buy Aakhrosh comics online to find out what happens next and how he will be able to defeat these deadly space creatures.

Condition: Used/Average
Writer: Tilak
Editor: Sandeep
Artwork: Dilip Kadam, Jayprakash Jagtap

Sold out!

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The artwork of Aakhrosh comics is amazing as it comes from Dilip Kadam ji who has been working on Bhokal comics as well. Manoj comics are memorable and bring back old memories. Next in this Aakhrosh comics we find out that there are 5 powerful beings on a different planet they are so powerful that they have been throwing these creatures from across the universe on to earth. This is what is causing these deadly creatures to land on earth. What will happen next find out in this action packed comics. The next part of this series is Aakhrosh ki aag.


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